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Photo Contest

2021 Commercial Fishing Photo Contest Winners

First Place

Photo Contest 7

Alaska Lifestyle

Allan Mathisen , "Morning commute"
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Photo Contest 8

Best Action

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Photo Contest 12

Best Scenic

Jessica Hahnlen, "Sitka sundown"
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Photo Contest 11

Best Fish

Paisley Wortman, "Pre Pikes Place"
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Photo Contest 10

Best Family

Timothy Capo, "Future deckboss in training"
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Photo Contest 9

Best Boat

Brynn Tennyson, "Heading out for the opener"
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Photo Contest 14

Tell me you're a fisherman without telling me you're a fisherman

Kinsey Justa, "If you're happy and you know it raise your crabs"
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Photo Contest 13

Life on a Boat

Allan Mathisen, "Endurance"
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Second & Third Place

Photo Contest 27

Alaska Lifestyle 2nd

Sarah Nugent, "Skiff ride"
Photo Contest 28

Best Action 2nd

Nicole Strout, "Rugged Seas"
Photo Contest 16

Best Scenic 2nd

Cody Grussendorf, "Mt. Edgecumbe sunset"
Photo Contest 15

Best Fish 2nd

Bryn Tennyson, "Hand selected"
Photo Contest 30

Best Family 2nd

Amanda Wlaysewski, "Three generations"
Photo Contest 29

Best Boat 2nd

Suzanne Abraham, "Morning calm"
Photo Contest 18

Tell me you're a fisherman . . . 2nd

Chloe Ivanoff, "This big"
Photo Contest 17

Life on a Boat 2nd

Leslie Songer, "Jungle gym"
Photo Contest 19

Alaska Lifestyle 3rd

Chelsea Stevens, "Pure bliss"
Photo Contest 20

Best Action 3rd

Chet Hamilton, "Seen worse"
Photo Contest 24

Best Scenic 3rd

Kimberly Nesbitt, "Fishing in the Tongass"
Photo Contest 23

Best Fish 3rd

Ellen Scully, "Dungees"
Photo Contest 22

Best Family 3rd

Amanda Wlaysewski, "Teamwork"
Photo Contest 21

Best Boat 3rd

Kari Anderson, "FV Susan"
Photo Contest 26

Tell me you're a fisherman . . . 3rd

Sarah Nugent, "Nap time"
Photo Contest 25

Life on a Boat 3rd

Megan Corazza, "Boat birthday parties"

About the Contest

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute hosts the annual Commercial Fishing Photo Contest with categories such as “Best Boat,” “Best Action” and “Best Scenic,” in addition to new categories each year. Photos are used to show the best of Alaska in ASMI marketing activities around the world and shared with the Alaska seafood industry for the promotion of Alaska seafood. In addition, winning photographers can earn cash and/or prize packages.

See the images, check out the winners social accounts, and subscribe to our email newsletter or follow our Alaska seafood industry Facebook page to find out when the next contest kicks off.

ASMI Photo Contest Terms & Conditions


The ASMI Commercial Fishing Photo Contest is open to both professional and amateur photographers. To be eligible to enter this contest, the entrant must have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry. This contest is not open to ASMI staff or their relations. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to the ASMI Fishing Photo Contest rules and agrees that his or her entry complies with all requirements set out in the Rules. This contest is void where prohibited; participants/entrants are responsible for making sure their entry complies with their local laws. All photos must depict Alaska waters and commercially harvested Alaska seafood species.

Editing and Adjusting Your Images

You may adjust and edit your images to optimize the photograph. Aspects such as cropping, brightness, contrast, and color balance can all be adjusted. Color and B+W images may be submitted, images may not have any watermarks or captions on them.

Judging Information

Your photos will be judged by ASMI’s panel of judges. The images will be primarily judged on quality and how well the photograph conveys the core ASMI message: “Wild, Natural and Sustainable.” Please see our “helpful hints” section for more details. This is a skill-based contest and chance plays no part in the determination of Winners or Finalists. All judges will be appointed by ASMI. The Winners and Finalists will be determined by the judges in accordance with the competition rules. Their decision is final on all matters relating to the competition. ASMI will not enter into any correspondence regarding the judging or organization of the competition. The judging will take place at the close of the contest.


ASMI neither assumes nor bears any responsibility for any form or type of loss, damage, or injury incurred as a result of participating in the ASMI Fishing Families Photo contest and receiving of awards and/or prizes. Content of all images submitted is the responsibility of each entrant. It is the responsibility of each entrant to obtain all relevant model and/or property releases. By submitting images each entrant assures that all images are their original works and no copyright and/or trademark infringement rights have been violated. It is not the responsibility of ASMI to obtain model and/or property release forms or to assure/examine protection of trademark infringement rights.

Right to Cancel

ASMI reserves the right to cancel or suspend the contest if it is not capable of continuing as planned for any reason that is beyond the control of ASMI.

Changes to Rules

ASMI reserves the right to make modifications to the Rules. Changes made to the contest will be posted on this website in the Rules section.

Reproduction and Usage Rights

ASMI reserves the right to free reproduction and altering of entered images in all media and the right to provide all entered images to ASMI members and promotional partners around the world for the purpose of marketing Alaska seafood products. For each entered image ASMI will have unlimited usage rights in perpetuity for all formats and in all locations. When a photo is submitted to this contest it immediately becomes considered an ASMI asset, which can be used by any person, partner or business to whom ASMI grants permission. Permission is granted through a separate legal agreement of usage terms and conditions, which can be found at the ASMI Terms and Conditions.

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